Classroom rules:
Be respectful

Eyes and ears are listening

Act responsibly

Cooperate with others

Hands and feet to yourself

Our classroom will be a Christ-centered environment where we will work together and encourage academic excellence, cooperation, and creativity!

Classroom management

I will be using a color system for classroom management. Students will all began on green each and every day. During the course of the day, the clothespins move up and down the chart based upon the behavioral choices each student makes. Good behavior causes the clothespin to move up one level. Conversely, inappropriate behavior will cause the clothespin to move down one level.

Cowabunga (Purple)
Nice Wave(Pink)
Surfs up (green)-Ready to learn
Drop in (Yellow)-Warning
Wipe out (Orange)- Teachers Choice
Beached (red)- Parent contact

Rewards: Praise, Stickers, Treats, Treasure Box, Positive Message Sent Home

Please see the following attachment: